The Earl Strongbow


Exiled from the royal court, distrusted and indebted, Sir Richard de Clare is a man whose past is greater than his prospects and whose once-great name overshadows his deeds. Having backed the loser in the civil war, he faces penury and disgrace due to the disfavour of the distant and over-mighty king.


He has, however, one last gambit to play, one final attempt to claim wealth and glory that would eclipse even the greatest exploits of his mighty fathers.

And, nothing less than the hand of an Irish princess and a throne will suffice if Richard is to surpass the great feats of his family and truly be deserving of the name of Strongbow.

At his side are a collection of knights and barons, each with ambitions of his own. And already in Ireland is Strongbow's captain, Raymond de Carew, fresh from victory but shorn of allies. It is on his wide shoulders that success or failure rest.


For upon the walls of Viking Waterford, one way or another, a king will be made.

Lord of the Sea Castle

By the creek of Baginbun, will Ireland be lost or won?

It is 1170 – a tumultuous time for the people of Wales, England and Ireland.


Raymond de Carew is in love, but the woman he desires is an earl's daughter and so far above his station that he has no hope of ever winning her.

However, Raymond’s lord has a mission for him: if it succeeds will put an Irish king back on his throne and win great lands. It will prove Raymond worthy – for in Norman society, a man can rise as high as his skill with a sword can take him.

With only a hundred men at his side, Raymond will cross the ocean to Ireland ahead of his mercenary lord's invasion. There, he will face the full might of the Viking city of Waterford ... and either his deeds will become legend or he will be trampled into dust.


A tale of war, death, lust, and scheming, set in the starkly beautiful landscapes of medieval Ireland and Wales. 

Robert FitzStephen is a warrior down on his luck. Arrogant, cold, but a brilliant soldier, FitzStephen commands a castle – yet although his mother was a princess his father was a lowly steward. When a Welsh rebellion brings defeat and a crippling siege, his highborn comrades scorn him, betraying him to the enemy. A hostage of his cousin, Prince Rhys, FitzStephen is disgraced, seemingly doomed to a life of obscurity and shame. 

Then King Diarmait arrives … 

He is the ambitious overlord of an Irish kingdom. Forced to flee by the High King of Ireland, he seeks to reclaim his lands by any means possible – and that includes inviting the Normans in. With nothing left to lose – and perhaps a great deal to gain – FitzStephen agrees to lead the Irishman’s armies, and to drive Diarmait’s enemies from his kingdom. His price? Acceptance … or perhaps a kingdom of his own?

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