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It’s not just the grim gore of the Anglo-Norman battlefield that springs to life in Butler’s skilful telling. Even better, he finds his way into the minds and spirits of those men for whom the ultimate prize was a nation.

E.M. Powell, author of The Fifth Knight

Superbly researched and thrillingly told, Swordland is a vivid portrait of the ferocious but godly Normans as they rampage through Wales and Ireland.

Anthony J. Quinn, author of Disappeared

Swordland begins with a vibrant and bloody set piece … the beautiful but dangerous landscape of medieval Ireland is well described, and the action scenes there are perfectly pitched and handled with real expertise.

Historical Novel Society review

From tourneys to treachery; from Welsh Marches to Irish marauders, Ruadh Butler propels us into the tumultuous times of the twelfth century. The clangour of swords and battle cries of knights echo from the pages of Lord of the Sea Castle, as Butler tells a gripping tale with skill, verve and gusto.

Matthew Harffy, author of The Serpent Sword

This lyrical novel is rich in history and evokes a wonderful sense of time and place. Great characters, strident battles and a story to be savoured.

David Gilman, author of Master of War and Viper's Blood

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